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opinion > [SAP BO], master and oversimplify your platform in just a few clicks?

                  1.   Short history of SAP BO Business Intelligence has been around for 30-40 years. Business Object, has just celebrated its 30th birthday (1990). Almost at the origins! The inventors' brilliant idea: to make data intelligible, and to put it just a click away for the business. Initially, in every company that implements SAP BO, there are few users, but very quickly the platforms are overwhelmed by their success. Business Analysts come to interface. Complexity, and even hyper complexity, is becoming the norm. And the confidence disapears. The versions (BO 3.0…. 6, XI, XI R3, 4.0,1,2,3…) followed one another over almost 30 years without really upsetting the starting concept.    2.   SAP BO vs “market trends”. The business wants autonomy, wants to be able to play in huge "sandboxes" of data, and to obtain instant and reliable answers. We have entered the era of dataviz, self-service BI, etc. For some time now, the Cloud has taken everything in its path with