Remove regressions between IT environments. Insight #1: Compare environments


Remove regressions between IT environments.
 Insight #1 :
Compare environments
     Multiple environments, the norm!
To secure developments and by extension information systems, companies replicate their information systems.

We create environments that can be numerous: dev, test, UAT, QA, Int, pre-prod, prod, and others.

The higher the stakes, the more of these environments.
      But it's not without some problems...

 "Are the environments consistent with each other?"
  "Can we deploy in one click from one environment to another?"

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.
We specifically encounter database structure problems that will block deployments:

  • Typically, a table may not have the same fields in "prod" and "pre prod",
  • Field types may be different, etc.

Thus, it sometimes becomes almost impossible to organize deployments as these inconsistencies are blocking.
And it is the whole agility of the company that suffers.
            Our approach :
            Create and compare digital fingerprints
      1- An inventory by environment:
      {openAudit} will daily scan the database structures in the different environments, ie schemas, tables, fields, views.

      2- A unique fingerprint per table | seen :
      For each table | view, and in each environment, {openAudit} will generate a "hash" which will include the fields, the types of the fields, the order of the fields, the normalized script (in the case of views).

      3- A consistency measure:
      The same table will have to point to the same “hash” in 2 distinct environments. If this is not the case, there is an anomaly that {openAudit} will highlight.

      Thus, very quickly, it is possible to create the conditions for excellent synchronization between the environments, to allow optimal fluidity.


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